Fear and Apathy…


So, the incoming clown won by a narrow margin, and I continue  struggling with the results.

I shouldn’t say I was surprised. the dumbing down of our culture grew faster than I anticipated. I had hoped with the successful past 8 years, people would recognize their mistakes and prevent another global EFTard from taking office. I was mistaken.

Clearly, People are more ignorant, racist and stupid then I had feared. I think technology is partly to blame. With the instant gratification culture, (porn, money, religion,  or relationships) people want things easy, and fast. Thinking is too hard. Reading is too hard. Logic, is too hard.  Let someone else tell me how to think, who to hate and why. Technology makes it incredibly easy for anyone to fail, faster bigger and harder..

The individual effort to be informed, make intelligent decisions has been replaced by, PT Barnum’s. shilling controversy and buzz, without consequence. And with the increasing amount of idiots spouting hate, and fear, I doubt this will  change, anytime soon.

For what its worth, I think people voted for this clown purely for hateful reasons. it was never about improving culture and society as a whole, but they saw him as their champion to take away from others. The irony is,  hes going to take everyone down, including them. Not just the ones they want.  They are just too stupid to know or care.

I feel  fear and trepidation,  for what the next 4 years will bring. We spent a decade destabilizing a country’s infrastructure, fueled global hate, nearly imploded on our own economic abyss, because of corporate  greed and corruption inherent to elected public officials. Folks we empowered to make decisions for us, sold us out and we were still chanting their praises, as they took us away, in chains.. I  don’t think we will recover from our next big screw up.


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