To the new tenant at my old place

To the new tenant at my old place.

BurkeLake apartment checkout (5)I wanted to give you a brief introduction as to why the place looks like that. I moved into that apartment complex, 10 years ago, 7 of them, from the one I just moved out of.

I moved from Southern Mi. to Northern Va. to start fresh.   I had just completed my undergrad studies. and wanted to put my recent separation behind me.  I was emotionally drained, and financially spent. So, taking what little  possessions I owned, Cat and I drove the 800 miles in a beat up Chevy Pickup, to a new job, a new apartment, hoping to shed my past demons and begin anew.

In the 10 years I’ve lived there, I have seen friends come and go, (but have my close friends stand by me). At the apartment, I have  seen and weathered; divorces, squatters, work frenemies, neighbors with kids who constantly got locked out, neighbors who are loud, lonely, looking for IT help, grad school, several career changes, several snow storms.

I cant believe I have lived in those apartments for 10 years, but in all fairness, I wouldnt call it living. It wasnt till these past few years that I met someone and really live again. Opened my heart and soul and felt whole again.

So, for the new tenant in my unit. I dont know what you brings you here, specifically to that unit. I hope you find solace, happiness and success while staying in that unit. It has sheltered me from my storms, I hope it does the same for you.


Best Wishes.

the guy formerly in #104



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