Moving on…

Extracting myself from you and your drama, started small and got easier as you continued your path of self destruction.
Your boastful comments about your work, earnings and lifestyle, brought you the attention and flattery you crave. It also brought you the girl of your nightmares.
We cautioned you, NOT to remarry so quickly, and date awhile.
We Said “You just finished your divorce, don’t rush. Rebuild your finances, take some time away to recharge your emotions and soul.”
But your inflated ego demanded that you flaunt your next conquest to everyone around you. Prove to everyone you could get someone else. Better, richer, prettier then your last ex wife.
I told you, your career choices were unstable and that I knew and explained why. but you know better, and had to prove you could do well, regardless.
When the marriage and job got bad You told us you don’t need or want our comments, and guidance, just our support.
Here it is. 5 years later and the bloom is off the rose. The wonder boy who bragged he knows everything, is stuck.
Your ego took you down this path and you can’t undo what you’ve done, or figure out a path to get out. I don’t have an answer for you either.
I tried explaining to you, you have more to lose then I. Stop acting stupid and living in the now.
I think the severity of your situation has sunk in. You realize your actions have consequences, and that hasty judgements are fatal.
To be fair, I spent my youth making and learning from my mistakes.
I don’t think you gave yourself the opportunity to do so, maybe that’s what fueled these poor decisions.
I pity you, and your situation. If I could help, I would. But Even if I could, I worry, me helping you is enabling your bad choices.


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