My Beloved

I got her as a gift from my fiance as we struggled to keep our relationship intact.  

Cat, as my fiance told me, was to keep me company while she went off and sorted out her feelings and conflicted emotions about continuing on as a couple.

Cat was barely 8 weeks old when She picked her out a kitten line up. Cat, was sickly, thin, and distrustful of everyone. I dont know why but she and I just connected.

When Cat & I 1st met, We were both angry, confused, distrustful of everyone. Maybe she sensed my feeling of abandonment and understood. Regardless, We realized the one thing we had in common was, choosing to trust the wrong person with our future.

Anyway, Cat has matured to a graceful, and queenlike grand dame. These past 12 years have been great, and I look forward to many more years with her.


My Beloved

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