My Frustration with Teabaggers

My Frustration with Tea Party pukes are, their annoying red herring tactics when called on their comments. E.g, Someone complains about something, they immediately pounce and then redirect for their rants, thread jacking the topic. You may have started out with one rant and then it morphs into and odd discussion where the message is lost and its completely off its rails.
Everyone has an opinion, I get it. BUT, if you havent read up on the subject and your just pontificating to others on what you feel is important, you end up looking stupid, ignorant and entitled.
Its very hard to have a polite discussion because everyone comes to a discussion with whats important to them. Emotions get heated and everyone loses sight of what the initial point of the discussion was. A polite way to fix a problem. Regardless, No value in discussing anything.
I am quickly losing patience with many of my conservative friends. Luckily I dont have that many left. But hopefully, their frustration with me will overcome their willingness to reconnect on social media.


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