darwin  I  Recently received a facebook friend request from someone I knew back in high school.  On a lark I accepted and after reading his posts, to my dismay, I realized how different I had become.

I  have nothing in common with him and the mutual friends he and I ran with together.

They’re all fathers now, with wives and children, a mortgage and a major distrust for things not conservative.  Ideas like education, individuality, and diversity are as foreign as math, French, chemistry.

I fondly remember the camping trips, fourwheeling events and lake parties we all had participated in. Then a family tragedy changes my focus from having a good time, to time to grow up.

Recently, I seem to be collecting relics. Antique relationships that have long since passed, and People I used to know, and sticking them in a pile for when I want to revisit my past.

I can’t imagine myself wholeheartedly reconnecting. I can see my that my outlook, belief and ideology, are fundamentally different then theirs. I see their posts as closed, fearful and paranoid.

They are quick to complain and pontificate but cant or wont see the problems wholly, not just in fragments.

I once had someone tell me, You wouldnt understand, you arent not educated enough.  At first her words stung, now I see the validity of her comment and see how it applies to others as well. I have no interest in rekindling that relationship either. She may have been right a few times, not worth the effort to keep.


Change Management

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