You’re not the only one with doubts about us…

You say our relationship is great, that there are things you truly enjoy about me.
And yet, you say the reason we can’t live together is because you doubt my resolve about issues you consider more important, like my spending habits and my debt load.
I don’t wish my financial burden on anyone. They’re mine and I accept them. I am making a genuine effort to improve my financial position.
But don’t lord and pontificate about how you’re so much better when you want or need my help, or use my stuff.
Maybe you wouldn’t be so condescending about how much money you have if you had to pay for things like your own data plan instead of using my mifi, or when you need access to my truck to return your gear.
That stuff takes money, you’re not paying for.
When you leave for your trip and I tell you the mifi is shut off, and you have to use your own data plan, let’s see how important your frugality is then..
Btw, I don’t disclose how many women flirt w/me out of respect for you. But if you knew
You’d treat me better…


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