I see my friends liking things and doing things contrary to their actions and I find it obscene and offensive. Specifically, the most liberal minded folks I know have turned 180 degrees and are now screaming rank and file tea party blather.

I am not sure where the disconnect happens. I have known some of these people for significant amounts of time. I have partied hard w/some of these folks, and conservative ideas were the least of their concerns.

Now they outwordly profess to being fans of marriage, God , and country. People who screamed for their rights of individuality, and the freedom to chose their own path  are now rank and file supporters of tea party crap.  People who recklessly got married 2 or 3x are now pontificating to others about the sanctity of marriage.

My biggest frustration is that some of my friends, follow pundits rather then facts to make informed decisions.  Its frustrating, and annoying. I reread regurgitated blather from neocon pundits on their FB page. luckily, I have the ability to hide their comments, so I dont have to read or comment.

I guess Time eventually catches up to us and changes us.  If Time can change my ideologies and get me to start thinking for myself, I worry that the inverse, that my friends beliefs are defined by others willing to do their thinking for them.

I guess that is why I am conflicted.


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