the hunger games

So, after hearing all the hype and nonsense about Hunger Games I thought I would finally see it for myself.

I knew the movie spoke  of child cruelty and sanctioned child executions, but I found the movie distasteful and disturbing.

I am sure in other countries, child warriors have done more harsher and crueler things for less. I guess the idealist in me still believes in protecting our weak and injured.  We raise our children to be the best they can be, so that they can function and contribute to a civilized culture. We raise our children with respect and care so that they will do for others and have it done to them.

Utopian societies, Im sure do not exploit their weak and infirmed.  What value does any society have if it picks and chooses what it wants from its members?

I know violence is part of our lives, and our children see it daily. From the news, from the media, from the games..
Its pervasive.  I worry that as I get older the children growing into adulthood will be more obsessed about taking from others, rather then contributing for the greater good.


credit: picture is from hunger games the movie.


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