Stupid is, As Stupid Does

Stupid is, as stupid does.
What was your expectation by publicly airing your marital problems & divorce grievances?
Was it sympathy? A chance to promote a friend to a friend w/benefits? An opportunity for you to manipulate people’s empathy and twist their generosity to your benefit?
Now, that you’ve reconciled for the Nth time, your friends are confused about where you are and where your going concerning your marriage.
People have repeatedly warned you about your callous disregard of airing personal problems, and still you do this.
I’ve always wondered why you have such a large number of friends. I couldn’t see how you can be close to large groups of people. I realize now this was to keep the queue of resources available.
Most of your smart friends, quickly realize you can’t and won’t change. The ones who do care, & voice their concern you inevitably hurt, and ostracize. And for some of us, who really don’t care anymore. You wonder WHY we’re not as close? It’s because we’re tired of your drama.
When we were younger, emotions ran hotter, consequence of your actions were more significant. Now, we are older there’s an expectation that we learn from our mistakes.
We develop the necessary skillsets NOT to associate with people who waste our time, our emotions and create unnecessary drama in our lives. You LACK These skill sets
Even if you’re now indifferent concerning which friends you keep, your children suffer.
Your children constantly watch and observe how you interact. Your actions define HOW your children grow and mature. You won’t know how your actions will impact your kids till they grow up and make their own decisions
I’ve told your on again off again wife to leave me out of your marital problems. I refuse to change my phone number because you two are too stupid to resolve your problems like responsible adults.
Finally, I really don’t care whether you two survive as a couple.
I just think if you’re both committed about keeping your marriage intact, shut up and get therapy.


Stupid is, As Stupid Does

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