Cold and Hollow…

this is an old post, concerning a frenemy…

gold digger
I ran into someone/frenemy? last friday at the jazz sculpture I hadnt spoken to in years.
we had a falling out when I left the company she and I both worked at.
it was a cold and hollow feeling as I walked past her.

Her reasoning for the fallout is that she was just being honest and true about my role in the organization, My thinking is she threw me under the bus.

Her logic was flawed in that she still needed me to help her do her work before I left. My reasoning was efff that, and find another job or project, or I’m out in the street.

It didn’t used to be that way. I used to enjoy helping her out, being the goto guy. We both had alot of things in common, We both came to DC to find ourselves after a separation, enjoyed a good time and hanging out with good friends. I guess somewhere along the way, things changed. People say one thing but do another, and when I realized she only did things to promote or benefit herself, then I wanted no more of her or her company, only what was required during work.

She genuinely thought I was going to be supporting her right up until I leave the building, My thinking is the only way I was going to help her out of anything was *quid pro quo* She ran around going to all my friends, who were very tech savvy I believe to gain stakeholder support, and have someone help her with her job. I distinctly remember going to a mutual friends cube only to see her IMMIng him soon after I told her I was busy.

I realized soon after the bus throwing that in the end, work is work and work friends aren’t really true friends. It was an expensive lesson but well learned.

so, as I hung out with close friends that last friday eating good food and drinking sangria, she and her friend walked over to our area, why? i have no idea, Possibly I think maybe to see if I would approach her and say hi, lingered abit with her friend and then left.

She used to txt me after i left the company i think to see how things are, not just financially, but emotionally as well. I think to see how I would respond. I respond in my typical way to people I find fake and shallow. cold and hollow.



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