the correct path

How we achieve our life goals are just as important as the end state goals.
Identify what our end states are, and stitching a solution to get there can get dicey.
Comprising our principals, turning a blind eye to our morals, skewing our ethics may get what we want but diminished its overall value.
Some folks believe the end state is all that matters. Others believe the journey to the goal is more important.
The Experience teaches you more about yourself then some event or item that quickly passes.
You adapt and evolve to ensure the goals are achievable. Or, the costs are too expensive but just going through the journey teaches you whats important.
I like to think I have a path for what I want in life. I know myself now well enough to map out what, and the how.
I think as I go through this, the WHY will correct itself.


the correct path

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