Inauguration 2013

this photo was taken in 2009. What a difference 4 years makes. This photo commemorates a watershed moment in my life.
I was on the downward slope for grad school. the economy had just tanked, the country was on the precipice of oblivion. Consumer confidence was dead. And I was working for a NeoConservative lobbying group supporting a bunch of lawyers.
I can honestly and genuinely say, grad school was a great experience. The program redirected my conflicted emotions of failed relationships and unresolved anger to abject fear of failure.
6 months after this photo was taken, I would have successfully completed grad school. Embark on a new career, and look on with hope and optimism .
I am better then I was 4 years ago. Professionally, Personally, emotionally and yeah spiritually.
I look forward to what these next 4 years will bring.


Inauguration 2013

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