Misdirected Anger

Imagefrustration and angst are emotions common with people who are angry with our lawmakers. I cant tell them how their misdirected anger is their own fault. Many of these folks blindly followed someones recommendations on good faith because they didnt want to take ownership of their life decisions.
People need to realize their individual lives are the sum total of all their decisions, good bad and indifferent. This isnt Karma. You are where you are in your place in life because, you made good, bad or indifferent choices that will affect your present and future.
the friends you make, the people you work with, what you do at work. All of these events are based on your past decisions.
Marry the wrong girl/guy? once? twice? three times? is that why you have no money at the end of a pay period?  Hate the people you work with? whose fault is that? Angry that no one wants to help you? Are you opinionated? entitled and often wrong about decisions youve made concerning yourself? Wonder why you dont have any friends?
People need to stop blaming others for their own mistakes. Once they realize its all them, and understand what to change about themselves to get where they want, thats when you can truly see success.


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