I’m always fascinated by stories of people who evolve  through their grief.
Maybe its the parochial idea that love survives and endures.
But, I’m always interested in what people will do to themselves and others to survive through their grief. Sometimes, I empathize, sometimes Im frightened. But, Im always interested.

This poor guy, butchered his body to undo a wrong he committed to his fiance.
He literally traveled through time and space to let someone know he is sorry, and that he loves her. Sappy, I know but still.
How many of us hurt people we care about on a daily basis?

One of my friends once told me, always consider your comments. Once its been said, it Cant be taken back. Something to consider the next time you argue and hurt someone you care about.

Incidentally, this guy is from the TV show Fringe, episode *White Tulip* He made the same mistake, but you know its actually a happy ending. He got the girl of his dreams, and everything literally fell into place. It wasnt the ending I expected, but in the end, It really was for the best.



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